Why Have Your Home's Water Supply Tested?

It's often assumed by homeowners that the water coming out of their taps and faucets is safe, as most cities and other municipalities have health and safety standards for water they supply to residents. However, there is a difference between what is safe by government standards and what might be acceptable for you in the home. When buying a new home, or just for your own peace of mind, note a few reasons why you might consider having a home's water supply tested.

1. Water is tested as it leaves a facility

Typically, the water supplied by your city or state is tested as it leaves their treatment facility, but remember that this water then needs to run through pipes buried in the ground, some of which may be decades old. Those pipes may have suffered corrosion and, in turn, this corrosive material may be seeping into your water. The pipes may also have cracks or leaks around connectors, and this too can allow contaminants to seep into your water. So while it's true that your city water is tested to be safe, this doesn't mean that the water will still be safe and healthy once it arrives in your home.

Testing your water can even tell you if there are problems with the pipes right outside your home. If the water getting into your home seems discolored or very cloudy, this can mean that rust or other metals or air may be getting into the water. When this happens close to the taps or faucets, the water is discolored or cloudy. By testing your water, you can tell if there are leaks in your own home's pipes that are causing the water to be contaminated, and that might be putting your home at risk for water damage and even flooding.

2. Treatment chemicals can be bothersome

In order to make city water safe, it may be treated with chlorine and other chemicals that might be bothersome to you. While these chemicals and the levels at which they're added to water may be deemed safe by government regulations, you may not like having them in your drinking water or the water you use for showering. While they may not actually cause sickness, they may dry your skin or cause other sensitivities. Having your water tested can tell you the levels of these contaminants so you know if you should still invest in a water purifier.

For more information, contact a local water testing company like Agrifood Technology

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